Principles of Object-Oriented
Design and UML Course

Since 1986, software researchers and practitioners have been studying the discipline of object-oriented design. In that time, they have developed a set of well-defined design principles that aid developers in designing software that is robust, flexible, maintainable, and reusable. In the early 90's, the rich and diverse Unified Modeling Language emerged as the standard for specifying and documenting software designs. And in 1995, Ivar Jacobson introduced the concept of use cases for the analysis of software applications. While all of these techniques offer ways of dramatically improving your designs, without proper guidance, these concepts can be difficult to learn and master.


In this 4-day course, you'll learn about these design principles and how to apply them. You'll learn a pragmatic way of using UML notation to capture and specify your designs and you'll discover how use cases can help you analyze and document your software system.


Through lectures and discussions, you'll learn 10 principles that can be used for class design, package cohesion and package coupling. You'll discover how to use UML notation for building models, diagrams and states. And you'll find out how to work with Use Cases and Use Case diagrams.


Working in teams, you'll have an opportunity to apply these topics in realistic situations through intensive lab exercises. Each team will share their solution with the rest of the class creating a dynamic collaborative learning experience!


Note: The 2-day and 4-day courses are similar except that the 4-day course covers 6 additional package cohesion and coupling principles.



  • By the end of this course, you will:
  • Understand what object-oriented design is
  • Understand the principles behind object-oriented design
  • Be able to apply those principles in a project setting
  • Use the principles to design packages for large scale software projects
  • Be able to express objected-oriented design in Unified Modeling Language formats
  • Be able to analyze applications in terms of Use Cases and express your designs using UML Use Case Diagrams
  • Learn how to take a pragmatic approach to software design and development


Detailed Outline



  • Programming (any language)



  • 4 days



  • $2050
  • Price includes course notes and workbooks


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