C++ Programming
with Test Driven Development Course


C++ remains the premier object-oriented language. This course goes beyond simple syntax training by teaching the principles of good object-oriented design in the context of the C++ language. Special emphasis is placed on abstract interfaces, polymorphism and data abstraction.


This 5-day course provides a pragmatic, systematic approach to software development using object-oriented design principles, the test-driven development process and the C++ language. Using this approach, you will learn how to leverage the C++ language and libraries to produce high-quality, robust, defect-free code.


The object-oriented design principles are reinforced throughout the course to help you learn to identify whether a design is "good" or "bad". The test-driven development process is taught on the first day and practiced in all subsequent exercises. Following the simple steps involved in test-driven development results in vastly improved design, minimized defects, and comprehensive system-level documentation.


The course is an intense, hands-on experience. Lectures have been minimized in favor of programming exercises. The test-driven development process is used to develop all of the exercises and allows you to become very familiar with the details and nuances of the C++ language and the overall development environment. Working in a team of two developers, you are given business requirements in the form of stories and tasked with implementing the code. This paired programming technique enriches the learning experience by allowing you to collaborate with another developer and ensures that no one is "left behind".



By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Read and write C++ code
  • Use C++ interfaces and libraries
  • Understand how to use object-oriented design principles in the context of the C++ language
  • Understand key concepts such as abstract interfaces, polymorphism, and data abstraction


Detailed Outline



  • Some programming experience
  • Enthusiasm and ready to learn



  • 5 day



  • $2450
  • Price includes course notes and workbooks


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Principles of Object-Oriented Design

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