Agile/XP Object Mentor Success Stories


Here are just a few of the companies that have used Object Mentor to successfully deployed Agile/XP solutions. Several of the solutions have been documented in papers and reports.



Service Summary

Primavera Logo

Primavera gets Agile

Written by Ken Schwaber and Robert C. Martin, this articles is the story of how Primavera Software, a 21-year old company, turned their entire development organization around in a most amazing way by adopting Agile stategies.

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Extreme Adoption Experiences of a B2B Startup is a B2B startup. This article was written by the the director of development at, and a lead architect. They were lucky enough to be able to run two projects side by side, one using XP and one not. They compare these two projects using metrics gathered from them. The metrics include development speed and defect rates.

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Symantec Goes Extreme

An article that appeared in the Jan, 2002 issue of Software Development. This article describes the progress of several teams at Symantec as they attempt to transition to XP. It was written by Alexandra Weber Morales, the editor of SD. Object Mentor provided transitioning services to Symantec.


Workshare Logo

XP at Workshare Technology

David Putman(author) is Development Leader at Workshare Technology, an industry leader in document change management solutions. This paper discusses the experiences of Workshare's transition to Extreme Programming. Object Mentor provided transitioning services to Workshare.

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Object Mentor provided transitioning services to Fidelity Investments.

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Sabre takes extreme measures

"Sabre Airline Solutions has 62 software products with 13 million lines of code, and it claims that XP has dramatically boosted both the productivity of its 300 developers and the quality of their work." Object Mentor provided transitioning and coaching services to Sabre.

Here are some non-Object Mentor
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Ward Cunningham's Extreme Programming Projects

On this page in Ward Cunningham's famous wiki web, you'll find a growing list of case studies


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