Customer Testimonials


Object Mentor has worked with many Fortune 500 customers in the last 15 years. Companies like Xerox, Moore Business, and Nortel Networks have used our mentoring, training and development services and have said great things about us. Here are just a few of their comments...


"Object Mentor has been a valuable ally as we migrate to Agile development techniques from more conventional methods.  The staff of expert consultants works very hard to provide appropriate training and assistance tailored to our specific needs and requirements.  They are skilled at working with a wide variety of individuals with diverse roles and backgrounds, from junior-level developers to senior technical management.  I feel we have benefited greatly by taking advantage of the services Object Mentor has to offer, and we will continue to find ways to work with them in the future.  I strongly recommend Object Mentor to companies seeking to improve and enhance their development efforts."
— Rob Walsh, Envisionware Incorporated


"To make a successful transition to Agile, coaching and mentoring from experts, who have done this in the past, is extremely valuable. Object Mentor was crucial in mentoring both the Management and Agile Teams, to adopt the necessary practices and tools to make Agile a big success here at Primavera. "
— Ibrahim Abdelshafi,


Bob Martin is one of a very few people whose talks I attend just because he is the speaker. Sessions like this are the reason I attend SD... [more]

— The Braidy Tester


When BenQ mobile R&D Germany decided to adopt Agile methods, we contacted one of the best Agile Consultants the industry had to offer.  Object Mentor worked hard on our behalf, and guided us through the transition to Agile Develoment.  They assisted our programmers, managers, architects, and QA staff in Agile techniques.  Their help was invaluable to the success of our transition.

— Uwe Schmitz, BENQ


Sabre Holdings has used Object Mentor for training and on-site coaching to adopt Extreme Programming and Agile Software Development Methods for the last five years.  Object Mentor is a highly professional team that is deeply committed to helping our organization build high quality software products.

— Brad Jensen – Senior Vice President, Product Development, Sabre Holdings, Inc.

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