C++ For Embedded Software Engineers


This course is an intense, hands-on experience in applying C++
for embedded development. It is geared toward engineers experienced in developing C based embedded software. C is a
great language and is an integral part of C++. But C is not enough for today'sdemanding embedded applications. C++ offers
power and expressiveness that can be used efficiently and effectively by the skilled embedded developer.


This course concentrates on a core subset of the C++
language that is especially valuable to address many of the programming issues faced by embedded developers. The costs and benefits of the Object Oriented features are explored in detail, breaking down the myths of C++ giving the experienced embedded developer the facts to make design trade-offs.


This course is a series of lectures and discussions followed by hands-on programming exercises. This approach allows the student to become very familiar with the details and nuances of the C++ language and how to use it effectively.



  • Understand why objects are critical to creating code that can be effectively evolved using dependency management techniques in C++
  • Experience the core facilities of C++ that every embedded engineer should understand
  • Learn to steer clear of C++ features that give it a bad reputation
  • Break the myths commonly believed by embedded developers that prevent them from learning how to use this valuable tool
  • Learn how to use encapsulation to avoid changes rippling through the systems
  • Learn how designing to interfaces using polymorphism can result in more flexible code that is often faster than its C alternatives
  • Learn how to design so that migration of an application from one hardware platform to the next can be accomplished without massive modifications
  • Experience automated unit tests and how they speed development and learning
  • Learn how automated tests aid in eliminating memory leaks


Detailed Outline



  • Familiar with software development and programming



  • 3 days



  • $1650
  • Price includes course notes and workbooks


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