Agile/XP ScrumMaster Certification

with Project Management Course


This 3-day will help participants understand advanced techniques for product and iteration planning, project management and collaboration.  The agile project management approach is targeted at projects where fast responsiveness to changing market demands is important and for organizations with innovative cultures. An agile project management approach will help dramatically improve a project team’s ability to cope with change and will improve project success rate.


The course is designed for team managers, team members, product owners, Scrum coaches, XP coaches, project managers and technical managers who wish to become better team players and leaders. Using a combination of lectures, short exercises and role play as well as a long “agile experience” (1/3 of class time), the course introduces you to Agile practices and processes in the context of project management.


Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certified ScrumMaster License and copy of the Scrum methodology, training materials, and software. In addition, Certified ScrumMasters are authorized to participate in "open" development of the Scrum methodology and software, ensuring a growing body of knowledge from a qualified, competent group of certified professionals. As well, your name will be added to the growing list of Certified ScrumMasters at the official Certified Scrum website - a worldwide resource for Agile professionals.



By the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand Agile processes and practices
  • Understand Agile terminology such as Scrum, Sprint,
  • Be able to conduct various Scrum-oriented meetings such as Sprint Planning Meetings, Daily Standup Meetings, and Retrospective Meetings
  • Understand how to provide development estimates in the context of Scrums and Sprints
  • Be able to plan, run and scale Scrum projects
  • Know how to remove the barriers between development team and product owner/business representative or customer so that the latter drives development
  • Teach the customer how to maximize ROI and meet their objectives through Scrum
  • Improve effectiveness of the development team by facilitating creativity and empowerment
  • Improve the engineering practices and tools so each increment of functionality is potentially shippable
  • Understand the implications of offshore development using Scrum
  • Improve the adequacy of software engineering good practices


Detailed Outline



  • Familiar with software development
    and programming in general



  • 3 days



  • $1950
  • Price includes course notes and workbooks


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"Outstanding — a mind-changing experience. This class helped remove the myths about what Agile/XP is and is not."

Jim Messa, H.E. Butt Grocery


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