Agile/XP Immersion™ Overview Course


This is a one-day auditorium style lecture and workshop session that introduces the concepts and vocabulary of Agile Development to the whole organization. The course gets the agile conversation started by providing the historical context, describing the costs and benefits, presenting the basics of the practices and disciplines, demonstrating some of the tools and procedures, and dispelling many of the common myths.

The course begins with a 90 minute executive summary, and then continues to get more and more detailed until by the end of the day there is code on the screen. Participants are not expected to stay past the appropriate level of detail.



Executives, Managers, Team Leads, QA, Testers, Business Analysts, and Developers.



  • Understand Agile Development basics.
  • Understand how Agile Development affects your role, and the roles of others.
  • Understand the basics of Agile Planning and Estimation
  • Learn the basics of Automated Testing and Continuous integration
  • Learn about pair programming, Test Driven Development, Simple Design, Refactoring.
  • Grasp the fundamental attitudes, costs, and benefits of Agile Development.
  • Understand how your company could make the transition to Agile.


Detailed Outline



  • None


Provided Materials

  • Course notes include extra information
    in additional note pages and references



  • 1 day



  • $895
  • Price includes course notes and workbooks


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"Intense. Effective. Extremely high quality. If you're interested in truly learning Agile/XP, this is the thing to do. If you just want a bland Powerpoint presentation, don't bother."

Paul Hodgetts,


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