Agile Development
For Embedded C


Agile Development is a set of practices used to develop defect-free, high-quality software in very short delivery cycles.  While practices include planning, estimating, testing, refactoring, continuous integration, and others, special emphasis is placed on Test Driven Development (TDD).


The practice of TDD allows you to concurrently develop automated tests and the working code that satisfies those tests.  Rather than coding followed by debugging, this approach gives you feedback as code and automated tests are concurrently developed. The practice results in higher quality software and reduced schedule uncertainty. In the embedded environment, this approach encourages dual targeting where code and tests are designed, built and run on a host development system before they are run on the target. 


Designed for software developers, architects and team leaders, this 5-day course teaches you how to develop embedded C applications using test-driven development. Concepts are taught through lecture, example and discussion.  Hands-on exercises are used throughout the course to reinforce the concepts. This course concludes with a two-day intensive workshop in which all Agile practices and principles are integrated.  During this workshop, you will develop a small project using all of the testing, planning, estimating and refactoring tools you have learned during the course.



By the end of this course, you will learn how to:

  • Work in short cycles (iterations)
  • Break requirements into stories
  • Estimate and plan iterations
  • Understand the role of TDD in development
  • Use TDD techniques to unit test C modules
  • Write dual target unit tests
  • Use TDD techniques to acceptance test C components
  • Learn about refactoring
  • Understand design for testability
  • Understand design principles and practices


Detailed Outline



  • Should be an experienced C programmer



  • 5 days



  • $2450
  • Price includes course materials, open source unit and acceptance testing framework


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