Brett Schuchert

Senior Trainer, Mentor and Consultant

Brett has 18 years of experience with object technology. He has worked extensively in developing software, training mentoring, and consulting using Java, C++, C# and Smalltalk as well as software process and requirements analysis both locally and internationally.


Work Experience

Object Mentor Incorporated, 2007 - Present

Senior Trainer, Mentor and Consultant

Provides training and mentoring in Object Oriented Design Principles, Design Patterns, TDD with Refactoring and Planning and Estimating.


Valtech, 2001-2007

Principal Consultant

Designed, developed and delivered a wide range of courses on Agile Development, Agile Requirements Management, Agile Requirements Exploration, Designing Systems using EJB3 and JPA, Object-Oriented Design, Java Design, J2EE and the Unified Process. In addition, provided management and development expertise on a wide range of software development projects for companies and organizations such as Hertz and the UK Government.


ObjectSpace Inc, 1993-2001

Internal Mentor and Technical Lead/Architect

Designed, developed and delivered internal mentoring programs for Object Oriented Analysis & Design, C++ Development, Java Development, UML and a wide range of analysis and design skills (e.g. requirements gathering, analysis, distributed architecture design, unit testing, J2EE, C++, Java, Smalltalk). Worked as a technical architect and technical lead on over 15 software projects including the creation of a host architecture for eServices, integration and web-deployment of back-end support systems for a Fortune 500 company, mentoring a group of developers on the creation of a Java system to wrap a Field Management and Control System, creation of an application architecture for a nation-wide cellular provider, analysis and design of a conceptual model for a private banking business process, analysis and design of a network configuration and management tool for a nation-wide cellular provider, development of a task allocation and management system and embedded Java development of a client-server architecture for a major telecommunications company.


University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) , 1992-1993


Developed and taught a C++ course in the continuing education department at UTA. Developed and taught several courses on C and using C on a UNIX system.


Center for Computer Aided Design , 1989-1990

Research Assistant

Worked on a Finite Element Analysis system to perform structural analysis of vehicles. Developed domain models of abstract data types and interfaces to relational tables. Also developed tools to support other developers. Became project’s technical resource for C++ development as well as development environment usage.


Kirkwood Community College, 1985-1991


Developed and taught several computer literacy courses including using tools such as WordStar, WordPerfect, SuperCalc, Dbase III+. Authored the textbook for one course.



B.S. Computer Science, 1991

University of Iowa


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