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For Java Programmers

UML for Java Programmers

By Robert C. Martin


UML for Java Programmers debuted at Java One in early June of 2003. The book is for the Java programmer who wants to make sense out of UML. It is loaded with case studies and examples of Java programs and their corresponding UML diagrams. The book emphasizes the parts of UML that Java programmers need, and ignores those parts of UML that Java programmers don't need. It is a pragmatic guide to using UML to describe Java programs.


But the book doesn't stop there. It goes on to show good object oriented design techniques, principles, and practices. It examines a number of case studies in depth, and shows how to design Java structures that are robust and maintainable.


Comments from Reviewers

"If you want to learn solid OO design concepts and how to reliably and accurately represent them in UML then this book is for you."


"This is a great book for learning or improving with UML. Topics are introduced at a level appropriate for beginners but each topic progresses at a nice pace into intermediate territory. There's even advice in here suitable for the best programmers I know."


"This book is a gold mine of insights into what is essential about OO design, UML notation, and their relationship to writing sound code."






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